Operation “Rescue The American Dream”

Posted on May 29, 2010 by rockingjude

Operation Rescue: The American Dream


The Time for Action is now!

We the people do not have the luxury to elect unnecessary tests with our elected officials any longer. The candidates we elect in 2010 will be the trauma team in charge of reviving the American Dream. Did you choose your candidate or has your party chosen for you? We need you to step up and join the emergency response team.

It is up to us to qualify each and every candidate, even to get a second opinion. We as a corporate body of citizens must do the due diligence required. We can no longer leave the hiring of our government leaders up to the special interest groups and the political class. You can make a difference; you are not helpless, because you are not alone.

We the People are the board of directors of the United States of America. Together we must build a team of management leaders/surgeons that have the qualifications and proven skills to take our company back from the brink of bankruptcy. Time is critical. Our mission must be to secure the best and brightest Conservative team available.

Operation Rescue: The American Dream is a call to action for each and every voting Board Member to gather with their peers to take back our Country. What are we asking? The Candidates are in need of resources; people to go door to door, make phone calls, put out yard signs, and investing in these candidates campaigns. Please send $5.00 to each of the candidates listed below. Just $5.00 from each of you will make a profound difference. Imagine the impact this will have.

How will this work? Simple is best. Whatever you do, do not send this money to us. Your investment must go directly to the candidates. We will show you where & how.

As board members of this great nation, it is our duty to hire the most qualified candidates willing to serve our country. Individuals should be experts in their field, not just lawyers, community organizers and career politicians. The candidates listed below are examples of the quality candidates that our nation needs on its trauma team to revive the American Dream. We must find and support candidates like these with our prayers, efforts and when possible, our financial contributions.

Special interest groups can afford massive advertising campaigns to sway the vote in favor of their candidate. Money alone is a poor substitute for effort. We the people can level the playing field between the candidate that will work for us, and the candidate who will work for the special interest groups. We are not asking for big donations, 5.00 is all. This can show the elitists that the people are engaged and back in charge.

These candidates represent various strengths and are real grassroots Conservatives. Please take the time to review each web site and donate 5.00 to each of these Conservatives.

See list here

See this week’s Operation Rescue The American Dream Bulletin

click here.

Know of a great candidate? Share your candidate choice with us by e-mail at rescueamericandream@yahoo.com

Operation Rescue The American Dream is not a formal organization. Instead, it is a collection of individuals interested in finding the most qualified candidates running for elected office (locally, state wide, federal) and spreading the word on who we’ve found ready and able to do the best job possible for the American Dream.

Operation Rescue The American Dream


URGENT primary campaign support (volunteers, financial donations) needed for:

Peter Schiff (CT), Bill Connor (SC) and Scott Taylor (VA) See details below:

Peter Schiff, Connecticut Peter Schiff needs 8,000 CT signatures by June 8, 2010 to place him on the GOP CT Senate primary. He is well on his way to the necessary 8,000 signatures. Help Peter, an economic genius, get on the primary ballot and on to U.S. Senate. We need his unwavering commitment to restoring our national balance sheets, create financial reform that really works – that means – leaving the special interests out, with common sense and laws of factual math in! As President Obama, his administration, and other nation’s administrations call for “Global Financial Reform and Governance” Peter’s expertise in the areas of finance, economics and international markets is mandatory to protect the interests of The United States of America.

Peter’s expertise has been called upon for hundreds of media interviews over the years. Major media outlets such as CNBC, FOX, CNN, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal to name a few, can’t resist Peter’s knowledge of where our economy is headed and how to fix it. Schiff warned and warned of the coming financial collapse at least 3 years before it actually happened. Peter’s not affraid to call it like it is, even when other “experts” being interviewed with him literally laughed at his forcast.

In order to repair and rebuild our U.S. economy, we need Peter Schiff and others like him, in the U.S. Congress and Senate. Special interests have literally taken our economy to collapse. It can be rescued, IF we get the corruption out of our government.

Peter Schiff is a proven leader in business. He aquired a small brokerage firm (with no clients) in 1996. Under Peter’s management this firm, Euro Pacific Capitol, quickly became an industry leader. We can support Peter with confidence due to the years of media interviews available for our review, his best selling book, “Crash Proof” and numerous video blogs on YouTube.com. There is no question to Peter’s character, expert skill in the economy, or motives.

Visit Peter’s website to learn more on how you can help! Don’t forget to make a donation and call everyone you know in CT to get Peter on the ballot – details at www.schiffforsenate.com

Bill Connor, South Carolina

Lieutenant Colonel William (Bill) Connor, RPAC(S) is seeking the Republican nomination for the office of Lieutenant Governor of the great state of South Carolina.
This is a tough primary where Bill (a conservative, small government advocate) needs our all out support to push him over the line and win the Republican primary.

About Bill:

Bill’s vision, dedication and Meritory Service to the responsibilities entrusted to him by the U.S. Army is on record. Now, Bill seeks to bring this same dedication to serving the great people of South Carolina as their next Lieutenant Governor.
Bill has trained himself with the aid of the U.S. Army to pursue excellence in every mission given to him. As a leader, Bill has the ability to ask and achieve excellence within himself, as well as help others achieve more of themselves than they previously thought possible.
His record as a “getter’ done” leader is repeated over and over in his military evaluations:

“Lieutenant Colonel Connor has performed in an absolutely outstanding manner as the Afghan National Police mentor in Helmand, Afghanistan. Intelligent, dedicated and extremely competent his leadership has contributed significantly to the outstanding success that the police program has enjoyed. As an example in this very complex inter-agency and military environment he worked closely with his British and Afghan counter-parts to develop innovative operations and training that radically improved Afghan Police effectiveness. Now the police regularly defeat the Taliban forces where as last year they were being destroyed. He has performed well under intense enemy fire and always leads from the front. LTC Connor posses, in abundance, all the qualities of an outstanding officer.”

“He is a fundamentally sound tactician and visionary strategist. Faced with a deteriorating situation where an Afghan Border Police Battalion was incorrectly deployed within the Helmand Provincial Capitol and was causing problems for the local citizens and Afghan Uniformed Police, LTC Connor seized the initiative and defused the situation. He developed a plan, convinced Afghan leadership to redeploy the Border Battalion south in support of British Battle Group operations, remissioned our US Police Mentor Teams (PMTs) to mentor the Border Battalion, and effected fundamental positive change in strategic direction in Helmand Province.” “British General McKay singled LTC Connor out for praise.”

Help Bill now! Learn how to donate and more at www.voteconnor.com This is a tough primary where Bill (a conservative, small government advocate) needs our all out support to push him over the line and win the Republican primary.

Scott Taylor, Virginia

Former Navy SEAL and Republican Congressional Candidate, Scott Taylor is seeking Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District seat. The GOP Primary is June 8th & Scott is counting on you to help him win!

Scott Taylor’s life is one defined by leadership, service and innovation. Scott was raised by a single mother in a small town of Hebron on the Eastern Shore. When he was 11 years old, he began paying taxes from his work on a local farm. During Scott’s teenage years, his Big Brothers/Big Sisters mentor, Andrew Jones, had a profound influence in his life. Andy taught Scott everything from the importance of dinner table etiquette to how to choose stock options.

After high school, Scott enlisted in the U.S. Navy, became the youngest SEAL at the time at age 19. As a SEAL, Scott served throughout South and Central America where he gained a fluency in Spanish, built rapport with host nation militaries and leaders, and advanced U.S. interests. Scott also served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he was injured in a fall during a combat mission in 2005. Scott served over 8 years in the SEAL teams and spent 2 years teaching his fellow SEALs marksmanship and reconnaissance. While in the military, Scott started a small business and currently owns and operates a real estate brokerage company, a fitness center and a security consulting firm. Scott led a security mission that ensured the safety of U.S. citizens in Yemen during the Israel/Palestinian conflict in 2009.

Scott studied Government Contracting at Old Dominion University. He ran for Mayor of Virginia Beach in 2008 and performed well among many voting blocks. Scott serves on the board of the UDT/SEAL Museum and the Virginia Beach Forum, an organization that seeks to promote civic discourse in Hampton Roads. He is a member of the UDT/Seal Association, the American Legion, The Navy League, and the VFW. Scott is the “Voice of Leadership” on Portfolio.com, a video blog affiliated with the Virginian Pilot that highlights examples of leadership and goodwill in Hampton Roads. He is active with the charity Operation Smile, serves as a mentor to an 11 year old, and attends Wave Church in Virginia Beach.

Help Scott today by visiting his website, and consider a donation while you’re there! www.scotttaylorforcongress.com

Know of a great candidate? Share your candidate choice with us by e-mail at rescueamericandream@yahoo.com

Link to Candidates: here

Operation Rescue The American Dream is not a formal organization. Instead, it is a collection of individuals interested in finding the most qualified candidates running for elected office (locally, state wide, federal) and spreading the word on what we’ve found.

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The following candidates are dedicated to the success of: Operation Rescue The American Dream They need our full support through volunteers and financial donations. Share Operation Rescue the American Dream with as many people as possible to achieve the restoration of the U.S. Constitution, prosperity and our individual right to the pursuit of happiness!


Thomas J. Zaleski - Candidate for AZ Congressional District 1
Areas of expertise: Economy & Finance www.zaleski4congress.com


Peter Schiff – Candidate for CT U.S. Senate
Area of expertise: Economy & Finance National, International


Carlton Henley – County Commissioner, District 4
Areas of expertise: Education Reform, Economic Development ,Election Certification, and Mass Transit

Mike McLane – Seminole County Commissioner, District 2
Area of expertise: Eminent Domain, Economic Development,
Election Certification, and Mass Transit
Facebook: www.facebook.com/group


Cory Ruth – Candidate for GA Congressional District 4
Area of expertise: Business Management/Cost Cutting Solutions


Joe Walsh – Republican Congressional Nominee 8th District
Area of expertise: Market Based Solutions. Education Reform.

Joe Pollak Candidate IL 9th Congressional District
Area of expertise: Culturial Relations. Conservative Investigative Reporter


Kris Kobach – Republican Candidate Secretary Of State
Area of expertise: Legal Expert. Border Security/Immigration


Allen Icet – Candidate State Auditor
Area of expertise: Budget/Spending Accountability

Ed Martin – Candidate for MO Congressional District 3
Area of expertise: Government Accountability. American Job Creation Advocate www.EdMartinforCongress.com
Twitter: @Ed4Congress

South Carolina

Bill Connor – Candidate for Lieutenant Governor
Area of expertise: Expert Strategist. Operations Management.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/group & www.facebook.com/


Scott Taylor Candidate for VA Congressional District 2 A Twitter:
twitter: @votescotttaylor
Know of a great candidate? Share your candidate choice with us by e-mail at rescueamericandream@yahoo.com
Operation Rescue The American Dream is not a formal organization. Instead, it is a collection of individuals interested in finding the most qualified candidates running for elected office (locally, state wide, federal) and spreading the word on what we’ve found.
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  • Rod Morrison on May 29th, 2010

    It needs to change, and it will or I will be part of taking it down!

  • Sarah Farley on June 7th, 2010

    THANK GOD people that care what that American people want IT is about TIME.

  • admin on June 8th, 2010

    Thank you for commenting and wanting to get our freedom back…

  • Bill Mathers on June 8th, 2010

    Ed Martin??? He is the RINO from New Jersey that is running in a Missouri District. You need to take him down and put the real conservative up for that race.
    John Wayne Tucker

  • JanSimpson on June 9th, 2010

    Bill Mathers: John Wayne Tucker – Sounds like a yardstick of a Communist – where did you get your education? American Public School System in the North? or West – Blue State? LOL – Ed Martin is a very Conservative Man – who is a part of the this Project – now what I have to say to you is – keep drinking your kool-aid because the koolaid the Communist are giving – eats your brain – do you remember the movie – Zombies – they made that just for people like you so you know what you look like after they finished with you – LOL

    And we will be showcasing ALL of these Great Candidates – We will save you from your Zombie Self.


  • Truckdrivernews on June 13th, 2010

    I am glad some people still have the courage to stand up, and the willingness to speak out, and are keeping a watchful eye on this country! Thank You!

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