CDC backtracks on its flu stance… about time…HMPHHHH!!

Posted on September 29, 2010 by rockingjude
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Listen very closely, and you can practically hear the backpedaling: The CDC now admits it’s been badly wrong about flu deaths.

Those vaccine-pushing hucksters have made the wild claim year after year that flu kills 36,000 Americans annually — and they’ve even attacked anyone who’s dared to question their numbers.

But now, they’ve come clean. Not fully clean, mind you, but sort of cleanish. The agency now says flu kills as few as 3,500 Americans in some years, with an average of 23,000 per year overall.

In other words, that 36,000-fatality fantasy they’ve been selling was a wild and dramatic overestimate pulled from their own hindquarters. And the new lower numbers STILL don’t come close to the truth — because any time someone sniffles on their way to the grave, the CDC quickly labels it a “flu death.”

And that’s only when they bother tracking it at all — last year, during the height of the swine flu frenzy, the CDC actually told state health authorities to stop counting while the agency just made up any number it pleased.
The truth is, flu is directly responsible for only a few hundred American deaths in most years. Throw in the occasional outbreak, and you get an average of around 1,348 annual deaths, according to a study in the British Medical Journal.

But numbers that low won’t strike fear into anyone’s heart… and you can’t sell vaccines without a great big dose of fear.

And believe me, that’s what this is all about — because the CDC is in league with Big Pharma in a relentless push to sell as many vaccinations as they possibly can.

The new numbers won’t change that. In fact, the U.S. government’s Vaccine Welfare Program is proceeding full-speed ahead. Right now, the feds are preparing to shell out $2 billion on vaccines — including federal funding to help Big Pharma make more of them, faster than ever.

So the numbers might be new, but the song remains the same.

And while you certainly don’t need a flu shot… you definitely want some zinc.

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Paul Chinn / Chronicle

Well, the World Health Organization recently released the list of advisors that whipped it up into a frenzy. Their names had been shrouded in secrecy, ostensibly to protect them from undue influence from the pharmaceutical industry. But it turns out that 5 of the 15 experts had at one point received financial support from the industry.

The WHO’s declaration of a pandemic led to huge orders for vaccines around the globe — so big that the industry couldn’t pump them out fast enough. 300 million people were eventually vaccinated.

The organization insists that the advisers’ financial interests were not significant enough to influence their judgment.

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