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Posted on February 22, 2012 by rockingjude

Atlantis Grand Opening part 1

~to delve futher into the symbolism of this one, here are three sites~jude

~Flip side of the coin~or not~

Project Blue Beam – The New World Order’s Fake Alien Invasion

~Project Blue Beam – The New World Order’s Fake Alien Invasion

Makkah Clock Tower

~Makkah is to become the Ellis Island of the Middle East…The Clock is the largest in the world…we got a whole global thingy going on about *who has the biggest* loll~

The new intelligent city applications will include those for issuing electronic visas, electronic transport systems, medical services, interactive crowd management, smart security systems, interactive geographical information systems, and providing smart Haj cards. ~these three videos are all interconnected somehow~have fun~

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