Beware false flag attack on Chicago NATO Summit by US War Criminals…

Posted on May 21, 2012 by rockingjude
War Crime

War Crime (Photo credit: Jacob Anikulapo)

The Republicans and Democrats play for the same team. It is all window dressing to keep us divided cheering for our ‘Red’ team or our ‘Blue’ team when in reality, they are of the same cloth. There is no change. It is the same basic message only it is now delivered with a new eloquence. If we are to put our wedge issues aside and listen to our conscience to what is just, what is right and if we are to judge a tree by the fruit it bears we can clearly see that our government is rotting on the branch. The players of each team will never enact any accountability on each other. The people of this country must demand it.

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Obama and the War Criminals

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