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It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

 – Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986)

Abstract I: Intent of this Article

With all the patriotic, good government, world beacon of freedom and democracy, and America is the greatest nation propaganda that Americans are indoctrinated with since childhood; most are hard-pressed to face the reality that the United States is now exhibiting striking attributes that it is sinking toward a closed fascist society. – Image courtesy of

I need to stress three points about this article. Please recognize that it is an editorial and an analysis of current affairs. This means you will not see referenced citations for all points discussed because most facts are well established in the historical record and therefore not in dispute. However, plentiful links and embedded videos by credible and independent sources are provided that inspired some of the content and analysis.

The purpose of this article is not to repeat the facts and news stories of other texts and articles. The intent is to illustrate the true nature of the United States government by using freely available information to connect the dots in a way that may not have been considered before.

Abstract II: Defining Fascism

The new face of fascism isn’t necessarily white anymore. It may come in different flavors however it is still served in the similar cold dish of collectivism with the main course a government by the people for the government for the corporation. And, we the people always pick up the tab. Perhaps there is such a thing as a “free lunch,” for the very lucky few. – Image by unknown.

Secondly, what is fascism? Although I may have difficulty defining it I know it when I see it. However it is always best to begin with the dictionary definition to determine if it reflects what we are seeing today. defines fascism as:

(sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

This of course is the traditional meaning of fascism as racism does not play a key role in American fascism. Moreover, the dictator is not a single person but a group of elite or ruling class despots all working together for their own interests. For a thorough definition please visit the Wikipedia definition for fascism.

The primary element of any fascist state is collectivism. It places a higher value on the concerns of the group over the rights of the individual. Thus the needs or even life of any single human being or all people of any smaller group can be sacrificed for the greater good. However, this term is really just a misnomer because it is almost solely applied by those who drive public policy to serve their own hidden illicit agendas.

Thus American fascism is rooted in the trading of other people’s wealth and liberty by those in power in exchange for personal gain and it is done without the consent or knowledge of those being compromised. A paraphrase from the Gettysburg Address nicely packages democracy (and freedom) – a government by the people for the people. With traditional fascism we have a government by the people for the government. With contemporary American fascism government becomes a conduit for a third party – a government by the people for the government for the corporation.

Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tx) describes American fascism as soft fascism. This is also known as corporatism. This means fascism is a spectrum with the most extreme form being that of Benito Mussolini’s Italy, Hitler’s Germany, or Stalin’s Soviet Union.

To prove that the United States reflects many traits of traditional fascism this article will reveal how all people are manipulated with questionable principles to support public policies that are harmful to society; demonstrate how our elected leaders are eroding our civil rights; disclose how the government is managed by an elite class of despots through corporatism, other private interests such as labor unions, and because of foreign interests such as the Israel lobby (AIPAC) and European banks; and advance why democracy is very limited to anemic representation in Washington and other levels of government.

Others have taken a point by point approach and these also inspired my analysis. These are very good for a quick overview but they do not examine how the collective mind of the public is systematically shaped to support public policies that lean toward fascism.

It is dire to correct this before it becomes too deep otherwise just like Third Reich Germany, there is a possibility of history repeating itself and we may have reached a point of no return. I sincerely hope my analysis will motivate readers to take effective action whatever form that may take.

The following embedded video is of the whole interview of Ron Paul on NBC’s Meet The Press with Tim Russert. Before moving on it is important to note that most republics (states) now exhibit a sort of states-level soft fascism through labor unions who represent government workers.

Abstract III: Two Examples from History

The Soviet hammer and sickle is what most people imagine when speaking of a fascist state. The old Soviet Union was actually an extreme form of fascism especially under the rule of Josef Stalin. Most people may not be aware that fascism exists as a spectrum. This means that the fascism currently exhibited by the United States is as Ron Paul describes it: “soft fascism.” – Image courtesy of

Finally, the title does not reflect the correct Russian spelling for “America.” The use of Russian characters or Soviet-like references is in no part an inference on contemporary Russian society or implying Russia is a fascist state. I do not know enough of the Russian nation to judge it this way. This is simply my way of reversing the red scare communist propaganda that most of us grew up with. I do this to remind us that we have far more to fear by our own government than we do from each other or any foreign state.

As shall be illustrated in a later section (Historical Perspectives), history never fails to demonstrate that man, almost any man that rises to power, will do almost anything to maintain his control. Josef Stalin was just such a man and it is certain that he will not be the last. It is said that as many as 50 million of his own people were disposed of under his command. Could this happen in the United States if we remain silent while it steadily marches on toward fascism?

It is also highly certain that the German people did not know what they were falling into when they elected Adolf Hitler to lead them out of the great depression and the Treaty of Versailles after their humiliating defeat of World War I. He was also responsible for millions of deaths of his own countrymen and from those throughout Europe and Soviet Union. The following resources are of Stalin’s and Hitler’s rise to power and their resulting crimes against humanity. When viewing these sources pay close attention to the parallels that these fascist regimes have with contemporary American society.

The Unholy Trinity

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. – Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749 – 1832)


When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross. – Sinclair Lewis (1885 – 1951) – Image courtesy of

Forget the idealistic, good government, land of the free, America is the greatest nation propaganda that has been spoon fed to you before you became what you believe to be is an independent free thinking adult. The institutions of government, religion, and corporations (especially mass media) have evolved to hold society in a delusion based servitude. These three pillars of the unholy trinity are the weapons of mass delusion which systematically program the public into mindless autobots ultimately serving one utility – corporatism.

Religion primes the masses to welcome cunning charlatans, false prophets, and their questionable virtues. This manipulates us into passiveness and complacency therefore the goal of this is to moderate dissent without repairing the cause. What we need to ask is, what causes this dissent in the first place and why do they wish to soften us? Something has to be very wrong.

Beginning at about age four or five all children are indoctrinated with patriotism. This is nationalism with the primary goal of capturing free will. Patriotic individuals essentially lend their blind unquestioned loyalty to a government controlled by a covert elite class of private moguls hiding behind a curtain of secrecy. Patriotism can be so deeply conditioned that the individual becomes passive to the slow but steady erosion of the one thing standing between us and tyranny – the American Constitution. Many adults cannot answer what a constitution is. It is more than the supreme law of the land. It is the primary contract between the government and the governed. All the while most young adults who manage to graduate from high school do so with the equivalence of only a middle school education of the 1970′s.

The final step is to feed individuals a continuous stream of miseducation and misinformation through a failing public education system, consumer advertising, and the overall content of mass media programming. Ignorant people are easy to manage and this reduces the public to a flock of easily-herded mindless sheep who loyally vote for the two political parties who have been silently manipulating our every move.

With this conditioning, Americans fall hopelessly into loyalty, apathy, and obedience. It is far more economically feasible to manufacture servants who can be trusted to roam without chains, who are allowed to fit in where their labor is most effective, who believe they are free, and who can support themselves all the while providing wealth for their corporate master. This is not what our founding fathers envisioned. They plunder our minds, our dignity, our homes, our wealth, our livelihood, and our liberty; and they secure our children while insisting we pay up whether we have it or not.

Long after the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, this is how free debt slaves are manufactured in today’s America. The Story of Your Enslavement by world renowned contemporary philosopher, political commentator, author, and host of Freedomain Radio — Stefan Molyneux; adopts the farm metaphor to illustrate our bondage. He even provides a Handbook of Human Ownership – A Manual for New Tax Farmers which describes the public as live stock and political leaders as farmers. However, I prefer the factory because we have essentially become easily programmable machines that are manufactured in one of the last remaining factories in America – the consumer factory.

If any of my blasphemous rhetoric appears absurd, wait until read the remainder of this article. It will turn your world upside down. In the mean time please consider viewing the following documentary which illustrates how all people are enslaved by shaping our beliefs, molding our opinions, limiting our thoughts, moderating our dissent, and indoctrinating our behaviors..

On a Mission Not from God

For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring. – Carl Sagan (1934 – 1996)

This was me at the age of six holding my infant sister. Also shown is my two brothers ages five and three. By this age I was already deeply indoctrinated with religion and patriotism and my two brothers were also well under way.

Beginning with my childhood the more knowledge I acquired from science, philosophy, religion, psychology, history, political science, humanities, literature, and even math (despite what most people think I now know these are all very important school topics) the more it became apparent to me that I was indoctrinated with questionable principles. Whether the intent to condition me was deliberate or not the fact remains that it happened. This set me out on a nearly life-long mission to find out why I was indoctrinated in the first place. I began to question everything and I do mean everything. I even questioned my own mother and grandparents about my birth, their education, my family history, and even about social attitudes at the time. I began to see that this goes far deeper than my own parents and grandparents’ personal beliefs.

By the time I was out of college I still did not have the answer to this. Over time I began to notice a trichotomy between government and church, government and mass media, and church and mass media. All were in collusion. I was able to take little bits of information here and there and slowly decipher this elusive secret into a foggy picture. Now some twenty-something years after college I think I have finally cracked the code. And, now with the fully accessible Web 2.0 I can now compare my own analysis and conclusions with that of scholars and other experts, including professors, politicians, and other professionals I personally know.

How Indoctrination Handicaps Our Children

But the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. - Adolf Hitler (1889 – 1945)

This is the reality of immersing our children with monetarily rewarding and consumerist childhood fantasies which condition them to become loyal to corporate labels and materialism. – Image courtesy of

How many times has the church been proven wrong throughout history? Yet, we still choose to have faith. How often does government do something that contradicts common sense or the grain of ethics? How often does it mislead us or fail to do what is necessary to correct a past mistake? It has become a habitual deceptive, cunning, liar yet we still choose to carry the default position of first giving it benefit of doubt. Why have we become so complacent to all this betrayal? Is it because we were conditioned this way during childhood?

Beginning at about age three or four parents unwittingly expose their children to many different false concepts. They condition their children with religion at a time when their young and tender minds have not yet developed the cognitive abilities to question such concepts. Isn’t this about the age that psychologists and psychiatrists say that hard wiring occurs within their developing brains? Then a few years later we hand them toys to simulate war. This also includes video games which addicts our children and pulls them away from their homework and study. And finally, we further prime them with monetarily rewarding childhood fantasies which encourage them to become materialistic. This kind of indoctrination smells a lot like corporate mind control (brain washing) and there is nothing ethical or noble about it despite the good intention of parents.

The following sources have supporting evidence of how children are indoctrinated. The Intelligence of Monkeys is a playlist of a study which compares and demonstrates how young children and apes are easily conditioned into performing useless indoctrinated steps before completing a task. However the apes quickly learn to skip the useless steps to get to the reward. Christmas: Harmful to Children? examines why lying to children is harmful.

It Begins with False Doctrines

The time has come for people of reason to say enough is enough. Religious faith discourages independence though, it’s divisive, and it’s dangerous. - Richard Dawkins

The forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden is symbolic of a religion that can only survive by perpetuating ignorance among a population. This is this the primary element for keeping the faithful devout. – Image courtesy of

Christian children are conditioned to believe that upon their passing, if they deny Jesus they shall be condemned to a place where their flesh shall burn, scorch, and scour from their bones as they writhe in agony for an eternal damnation. On one hand this very merciful god who loves us all is omniscient, omnipotent, and benevolent but this same god cannot or refuses to prevent scarcity, poverty, disease, and catastrophic disasters. Throughout the scriptures God is also known to be easily angered with a wrath of vengeful merciless violence.

Then there is the story of Genesis. The most revealing thing is not creation versus evolution. The forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge reminds me of a dark time in history whereby slaves were forbidden to become literate. Slave owners recognized ignorance as an important factor in keeping their property under control. What does this teach our children for accepting such a perfect and powerful god with so many contradictions and imperfections? Even if this or any other god were proven to exist how can we justify the worship of such a cold and callous deity? Furthermore why would a perfect god have a need to be revered or even acknowledged? Replace God (or deity) with government, revered with patriotism, and forbidden fruit with education (and information) to unmask the true nature of this indoctrination. Religion emulates worship to the state.

Below are linked videos of a two-part Richard Dawkins and BBC production whereby he questions the validity of religion and illustrates how it harms the public. The last item is of a previous article which explains why religion undermines progress and leads to many maladies.

It Continues with Childhood Fantasies

If you make yourselves sheep, the wolves will eat you. - Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790)

By the time a child learns to speak he can already identify a McDonalds Happy Meal. Notice how brightly colored the packaging is. Also notice how the handles are designed as golden arches. Then there is the Spiderman toy which by the way McDonald’s licensed from Marvel Comics. These are all designed to lure children and generate loyatyl to these two corporations. – Image courtesy of

In a gesture of love parents also introduce their children to Santa Claus, Easter Bunnie, and a Tooth Faerie. This trains young minds to accept false claims without evidence and it does far more damage than the fun and joy it brings. Parents not only unwittingly condition their children to believe without question fantasies given by authority figures, this also conditions children to be materialistic and essentially to become good little loyal consumers. This corporate indoctrination is most striking with the Disney plates, cups, films, toys, clothing, even bedding material children are immersed in by their very loving well-intentioned parents. Children must also have their McDonalds toys that come with their Happy Meals. Is it really necessary to bribe a hungry child with a corporate promotion to get them to eat?

This quickly conditions children that corporate labels are a good thing. As children grow these authority figures also includes mass media commercialism and any well-mannered and well-spoken person in a business suit. Unfortunately most people in business suits are not looking out for our best interests. Adults who are brought up this way become easy prey to a predatory government and corporations. Children do not know any better but parents now have no excuse for perpetuating this ignorance.

Our Trusted Government will Now Have a Turn

The very power of [textbook writers] depends on the fact that they are dealing with a boy: a boy who thinks he is ‘doing’ his ‘English prep’ and has no notion that ethics, theology, and politics are all at stake. It is not a theory they put into his mind, but an assumption, which ten years hence, its origin forgotten and its presence unconscious, will condition him to take one side in a controversy which he has never recognized as a controversy at all. - C.S. Lewis (1898 – 1963)

A teacher demonstrating how we can raise her pay and balance the school budget. – Image courtesy of

Our government will also condition our children with a pledge (of allegiance) and patriotism at a time when their young minds cannot possibly understand such concepts. Although parents may have good intentions the intentions of government conditioning our young children with good-governmentpropaganda along with slanted history is far from noble and may have far reaching covert intentions. This essentially sets them up for three things when they become adults:

  1. They may become passive and complacent to oppressive government policies because they deem the state as looking out for their best interests and therefore may not question the actions of government.
  2. They may equate the two-party system as the only true patriotic political parties and will dismiss any other political parties as having covert self-serving agendas because they appear foreign to them.
  3. Finally, they may believe that whenever the federal government takes military action against a foreign state or on its own citizens that it is doing the right thing because once again, the state is only acting in our best interest.

Educators in Great Britain understand this as the title of this article conspicuously reveals, Majority of Teachers Don’t Want to Promote ‘Brainwashing’ Patriotism to Pupils. This kind of mass delusion may result in individuals enlisting in the military to defend our freedoms despite the real motives behind a military campaign – an imperialist war of aggression. They become completely unaware that the institution that sends us into war is the same institution that has been slowly eroding our own liberties. They may believe this because a form of nationalist propaganda (patriotism) instilled trust and loyalty when they were still young and naive.

All evidence suggests the dumbing down of Americans by the state may initially have been unintentional however its failure to correct the very thing causing it is very deliberate. The state perpetuates the dumbing down of the public by failing to correct a failing educational system controlled by public-sector labor unions.

One segment of these is our beloved and ever so benevolent teachers unions which are essentially collective bargaining law firms whose only concern is their clients – professional educators. Despite what they assert they are legally bound to only represent the concerns of their clients (teachers) not the children. Having any concern for children in bargaining agreements would create a conflict of interest. This is why union lip service which claims that giving more to funding public schools and educators will also help children get a better education can never be trusted.

And it doesn’t end there. Universities and colleges are now indoctrinating students as reported by this article How California’s Colleges Indoctrinate Students and by the 2007 film Indoctrinate U.

Parents and educators should instill in our children to question everything and to never accept claims simply because they are told it is so. Their minds should be trained to use logic and reason as early as possible so that these very important cognitive skills get hard wired while they are still young. Children should also be trained not to be passive but respectfully oppose those things which they deem unjust or unfair. The hard wiring of learning skills is the primary reason to educated children as early as possible. It should not be wasted with counterproductive concepts such as religion, childhood fantasies, propaganda, and of course patriotism. Our only loyalty should be to our family, to the American people, and perhaps to humanity (people of the world) not to government (and patriotism) or religion. These are all false institutions as they cannot be taken at face value because there is always a hidden self-serving agenda behind them.

For more on how public-sector labor unions generate state-level fascism please view my previous article, The American Apartheid Machine. For more on how state schools are failing please view the full episode of John Stossel’s Stupid in America. The embedded short film below by Reason Magazine nicely illustrates the true nature of not only teacher’s unions but for all government workers.

Reverse Social Darwinism by Mob Rule

Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. – Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900)

There are mountains of evidence which support that evolution is a fact however religion deliberately perpetuates ignorance by promoting intelligent design. Such an ignorant democratic population cannot possibly make intelligent well-informed selections at the polls. – Image courtesy of

When people support socialist policies which are detrimental to the public it can only mean one of three things:

  • They are either very ignorant of the economics and politics behind such policies.
  • They are private business beneficiaries of such policies.
  • Or, they are government dependents (workers) who benefit from such policies.

Most people become so deeply entrenched with religion, patriotism, and mass media misinformation that regardless of how much contradictory evidence is presented before them they still reject it and hold strong to their personal beliefs and idealist good-government delusions. They may have a mistrust for government yet they will continue to vote in the two political parties who betray their trust and trade our representation to the highest bidders. These are the indoctrinated and misinformed individuals in society who cannot seem to shed their indoctrinated delusions and patriotic propaganda. This results in the general public exhibiting a reverse social-Darwinism whereby the weak dominate the strong. This would seem to violate all laws of nature. How is this even possible? Have people become mindless autobots? Let me explain.

It now takes two working adults to raise a family and afford the American dream which is voluntary indentured servitude to the banks for the duration of a third of two lifetimes in order to enjoy the privilege of leasing real property from the state. Therefore most adults do not have the time to sort through a maze of information on current social and economic issues. This often results in over-reliance on unreliable sources of information such as campaign ads, local news, and other programming from any of the big-five media corporations. Such ignorance of the issues damages society in several ways.

People believe it is everyone’s right to vote and they are correct in this. They do not want to waste their vote therefore they will perpetually vote for whom they believe has a chance of victory. People must understand that voting for the lesser of two evils or a wining team is a guaranteed way to lose. Such voting does far more harm than if they had not voted at all. People are very easy to herd. This is why during election cycles the media will constantly bombard us with news stories and ads that encourage people to vote but it almost never encourages us to learn more about the issues and where to find the credible sources.

Not everyone should vote if they had not taken the time to thoroughly investigate the issues and candidates. A democracy of mob rule by such individuals who dominate society essentially means that dogma, nationalist propaganda, and misinformation dictate our lives not scientific, well informed, and intelligent inquiry. These are the people who decide for us through representation and direct democracy. Indoctrination with weapons of mass delusion is at the core of why America is now sinking under the weight of a self-serving corporatocracy into what Americans feared most during the 20th century – a fascist state.

The Illusion of Democracy

This is typical good government propaganda created by the two parties and the mainstream media. Does this mean that we should not vote? Image courtesy of

Do you contrast the United States to other foreign nations and say, “it is not that bad”? This is the wrong approach. The litmus test is to compare the government to its constitution and then ask, “is it still not that bad?” The war on terror and the Patriot Act are striking violation on our constitutional and inalienable rights that cannot be ignored in such an assessment. Do you believe America is a democratic (democracy) republic and every vote counts? Democracy is just an illusion for several reasons:

  • Our representation at all levels of government is hijacked by private interests (e.g. finance corporations, labor unions, foreign lobbies, etc.) through lobbying and campaign financing. Furthermore, such entities often fund all viable candidates for both parties within the same election race. Moreover, lobbyists often write bills and legislators usually do not even read the bills they are voting on. This means that private interests are guiding bills into law.
  • Election fraud is permitted to occur to a certain degree by the two political parties who are in control. Such illicit activity was exposed during the very close 2000 and 2004 presidential elections yet it has remained almost completely ignored by the mainstream press and by law enforcement.
  • There is no truth in advertising consumer laws for campaign advertisements. It is considered free speech. Direct democracy bills (referendums, measures, and propositions) are often as deceptive as campaign ads.
  • A popular vote does not exist for the selection of a president. The electoral college is a committee in each state which has the final say who their state selects for president. When we vote for president we are actually voting to influence the committee that represents our state. Recall that in the year 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote however George Bush was selected primarily for having won a majority of the electoral college states despite possible election fraud. For more on the electoral college, please refer to Electoral College. For more on election fraud, please refer to the the United States Supreme Court case: Bush vs. Gore, and beginning at about 14:55 minutes into the film: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.
  • The two political parties in control have enacted regulations which make it almost impossible for another party to rise to power or get listed on a ballot. This leaves us with two parties who conspire to remain in control by a practice known as horse trading. This is also called, reaching across the aisles. This is where favors are traded and compromises are made that benefit each other but somehow tend to leave the taxpayers holding the bar tab.
  • Children in America are indoctrinated with a whole array of self-serving (for the state and corporations) questionable concepts such as patriotism, religion, statism, political correctness, and consumerism and it continues into adulthood. For more on this please read, Five Key Points for Defining Social Indoctrination.

Much evidence now exists to suggest that Americans are systematically dumbed down from one generation to the next. This will be explored further in a few sections below. I include the last remotely related point because it suggests that our free will or our abilities to think critically may be in question. Even if all items except the last were false this still leaves us with a society that is conditioned to think a certain way resulting in their support of public policies which may have illicit agendas. This is why it very important to focus on how government indoctrinates the public.

The first three documentaries provide evidence of election fraud. The next three items are of credible sources which by scholars or insiders who allege that the government and mass media are working very hard to debilitate the public with miseducation, indoctrination, legislation, and execution of shock and awe crises. The last item is an article which questions democracy.


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  • Mikecimerian on October 5th, 2012

    Thank you for the clarity and scope of the analysis.

    I would like to add this question: is it always the play of internal cohesion forces vs external cohesion ones? How the collapse of the one brings a response from the other.

    There seems to be a recurrent process in history. When the social construct is broken, those in power or those aspiring to power will seek a counterweight from external cohesion through demonization of the Other.

    When self repression of the other within becomes the norm for sanity is there still hope that we can avoid the tragic outcome of reliving history?


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