Our Mission

Our principles upon which we place our mission are Liberty, Integrity, Fraternity and Equality or LIFE. Seeming to clash at times, we believe that these principles provide the foundation upon a growing, free and changing society, community and individual can understand the ourselves and each other.


The concept of liberty is described in three general ways. We see liberty as Hobbes did, liberty is the domain where the state does not intervene. This is not to say that the state will always try to intervene in more of the individual liberty but rather to recognize that there is this tension and that the individual should be ever vigilant to the encroachments of the state.

This can be viewed in its extreme at the statement, ‘we, the party, or the Fuhrer, know you better than you know yourself, and provide you with what you would ask for if you recognized your “real” needs.’

While we recognize the necessity of the state and it’s function, we view the necessity of the tension between the individual and the state as a dynamic and healthy one and one that should be nurtured by the access of information and debate with society.

As Berlin Wolf notes: ‘The projection of static and mechanic concepts of man and the scientific worldview into the sphere of the social sciences, the human realm, and especially into the area of historiography is harmful and one-sided, because the spread of the fatalistic-deterministic approach entails the suppression and erosion of individual autonomy.’

We continue to believe that the struggle of liberty is a never ending one.


When used as a virtue term, ‘integrity’ refers to a quality of a person’s character; however, there are other uses of the term. One may speak of the integrity of a wilderness, a computerized database, a defense system, a work of art, etc. When it is applied to objects, integrity refers to the wholeness, intactness or purity of a thing—meanings that are sometimes carried over when it is applied to people. Integrity is also attributed to various parts or aspects of a person’s life. We speak of attributes such as professional, intellectual and artistic integrity.
Ordinary intuitions about integrity tend to allow both that integrity is a formal relation to the self and that it has something to do with acting morally. A number of views have been advanced, the most important of them being: (i) integrity as the integration of self; (ii) integrity as maintenance of identity; (iii) integrity as standing for something; (iv) integrity as moral purpose; and (v) integrity as a virtue.
We view integrity as within and without as something to maintained.


The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy describes ‘fraternity’ as the missing or forgotten aspiration. To say that the concept of fraternity is incongruous within an era of self gratification is an understatement but there are signs that nations and societies recognize the disintegrating forces acting upon them and as such there is clamor of a discourse both public and moral upon which the concept of fraternity gains favor.
A vivid description of the American concept of fraternity is found in a passage from John Steinbeck‘s 1939 novel, ”The Grapes of Wrath.” Steinbeck describes a desperately impoverished family, dispossessed tenant farmers from Oklahoma, camped out at the edge of Highway 66, sharing their food with an even more desperate migrant family. Steinbeck writes: ” ‘I have a little food’ plus ‘I have none.’ If from this problem the sum is ‘We have a little food,’ the movement has direction.” As long as people in trouble can sacrifice to help people who are in still worse trouble, Steinbeck insisted, there is fraternity, and therefore social hope.
We see fraternity as more encompassing, conceptually, we see fraternity as a community and a demeanor in viewing and transacting with others. This is not to say that there will be no debate or opposition but rather that there should be but at the end of the day, we view our fellows as brothers, as family and you know there are always a black sheep or two with the flock.

Fraternity incorporates a sharing of thoughts and of community. We see fraternity as playing a vital role both within the Project, both today and in the future for all communities both real and virtual.


As noted by the Stanford Dictionary of Philosophy, ‘At least since the French Revolution, equality has served as one of the leading ideals of the body politic; in this respect, it is at present probably the most controversial of the great social ideals. There is controversy concerning the precise notion of equality, the relation of justice and equality (the principles of equality), the material requirements and measure of the ideal of equality (equality of what?), the extension of equality (equality among whom?), and its status within a comprehensive (liberal) theory of justice (the value of equality).’

We see equality as limited with the Project but not within life, we see Equality within the Project as a community of equals and with all due respect that that should entail as in the ‘Golden Rule’ that which applies to you and your world, ‘treat your neighbor as you would have yourself treated.

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  • Cindy Osborne on February 12th, 2009

    OMGosh! I’m not the only one!

  • ansman007 on February 25th, 2009

    No, Cindy, you certainly are not the only one.

  • Wes Hopper on March 2nd, 2009

    I would call this – libertarianism with a heart. A perfectly wonderful combination. Sign me up.

  • Steve Harlow on March 9th, 2009

    I’m like Cindy, OMG I’m not the only one? Damn it’s refreshing to find others out there with these same ideals. Now we all have to get our butts together, and get this country back into the “Of the People, By The People, For The People” mode. If we don’t achieve this, then God help us all. We better go brush up on our knowledge of the Koran. Better yet, just shoot me instead.

  • The Amazed. on March 11th, 2009

    Steve, are you insinuating that there is something wrong with Jewish people?

    This is the reason that American’s politics aren’t popular through-out the world.
    I’m not promoting Communism, communism can’t work with major, or large, countries these days, and it certainly would never work in America, but you people seriously need to get your facts straight.

    You associate Communism with “the Fuhrer”, by which I assume that you mean to make people associate communism with Hitler, which is a stupid thing to associate, because Hitler’s biggest feelings were against Communists and Jews.

    Another thing you people don’t seem to realize is that Socialism is not the same thing as Communism. If a country is Socialist, like every country in the world is, then it exhibits traits associated with Communism, such as government owned healthcare (which is a very very very good thing to have) or government owned banks or government owned military, and it ALSO has the freedom of a capitalistic country. Most things are privately owned, but the government usually controls the ones that affect the greater population, and are important for the people. It’s to ensure fairness and a good standard of life, and it is good.

    ALSO, a real, Marxist, communism is not even close to a dictatorship.
    It is more democratic than anything America has.
    It is a country by the people, entirely. It takes the power away from the Bourgeois and gives it to the Proletariat. Every one has an equal say on everything.

    Please people, be educated on something before you hate it.

    Communism can’t work on a large scale, and it definitely can’t work in a globalized world like ours, but too much capitalism is even worse, because you can be sure that the people in control don’t care about the common people.

    You need SOCIALISM! Government controlled banks, health care, schools, police, transportation, etc. is GOOD.

    People that live in countries like ours, where we have so many resources at our disposal, shouldn’t be so ignorant.

  • rockingjude on March 12th, 2009

    Amazed…..some points to address your concerns

    There is no where in the Mission statement the word Communism and I seriously wonder how you read that into the statement…

    This quote under Liberty:

    “This can be viewed in its extreme at the statement, ‘we, the party, or the Fuhrer, know you better than you know yourself, and provide you with what you would ask for if you recognized your “real” needs.’”

    The quote above says that Liberty can be viewed or looked at in it’s EXTREME as if the[government] in control at the time thinks it knows what your best interests are, believes that they[the present government] knows what one needs better than one’s self and would try to ASSUME what your needs are. In other words we are directly OPPOSED to this set of ideals.

    We see Liberty as something that will always need to be guarded and held tight as there are world forces that would wish to see us in fear of our government, and ask the government to take care of us. We do not want a government who does not Listen to the people. Rather we want a government, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND OF THE PEOPLE.

    The rest of your statement comes from, I don’t know where. Perhaps you might try and read the above statement again. You have taken something and completely contorted it’s meaning. I’m tempted to delete the statement but would rather leave it as proof of our intentions as a world in which the people have a say but also to show how hard this path is to achieve.


  • alllan nations on March 25th, 2009

    The guy that adressed Steve as finding falt with Jews? The koran is the muslim holy book. Study up buddy. & tottaly love it jude and all the tweets I read

  • rockingjude on March 25th, 2009

    I appreciate that very much…….we actually kinda wondered if he posted in the wrong spot??


  • brothertuck on April 6th, 2009

    If enough people are shown websites like this.
    If enough people realize how the government, both Democrats and Republicans have taken our rights.
    If enough people start to really see what’s happening instead of just blindly following.
    Then neither the Fascist state, nor the communist state, will be our future.
    The Free State, the United STATES of America.
    Not allowing the Federal Government to steal the responsibilities of the People and take our liberties under the guise of saving us (from ourselves?).
    It is time to make our government responsible and to make them give us back what they’ve taken.
    Liberty, Integrity, Fraternity and Equality, an excellent Mission.

  • ex-Democrat on May 3rd, 2009

    Amazed, you’re correct. Socialism is not communism. It’s the step just before communism.

    Wake up and smell the totalitarianism.

    What a statist drone.

    Live free or die.

  • 1430a on May 4th, 2009

    Is this an org?Can anyone provide me some more information?

  • Mkey0 on May 6th, 2009

    Great site, but please seek the evaluation of a professional writer. Your mission statement is full of grammatical and spelling errors. Many of the sentences are not constructed in a professional manner. All of these problems discredit the integrity of the site and its message. Other than that, keep up the great work! We will never give up the fight for liberty and freedom!

  • OneVeritas on May 8th, 2009

    WOW, HC, I have never seen so many of my own thoughts on a site, I’m not alone or even that far RIGHT!
    This needs to be passed around!

  • admin on May 10th, 2009

    To Mkeyo…This site is totally funded by me with no advertising so that content is the most important thing. I am not only just a regular joe, rich by no means…But have disabilities that hinder my writing skills…If you have a solution to our problem I would love to hear it but as of this moment there are but just two of us running this entire site…

    To those who love the site…under each and every article when you click through the site one may use Digg this | StumbleUpon | Del.icio.us | or Subscribe to get the word out…We would appreciate greatly if just a few did this along with using twitter to let others know…

    Thank you for reading,


  • Ann on May 12th, 2009

    To “amazed” who wrote “You need SOCIALISM! Government controlled banks, health care, schools, police, transportation, etc. is GOOD.” So fewer people controlling these things is better than many???? Pelosi is better at CONTROLLING these things than the true experts and customers making an exchange?? Why???? It makes no logical sence and is impossible.

  • Jonathan on September 16th, 2009

    Government control leads to the politization of that which is controlled. Look at the school system, its a political morass of lackluster expectations and distorted agendas, all driven by political ideologies.

    That’s why Socialism and its big brother Communism is to be avoided at all costs. Government run health care is so great? I can’t wait to hear the special interest groups circling the budget pie like vultures, squabbling for ever increasing shares of the spoils. The race lobby, the gay rights lobby, the feminist lobby, the abortion lobby; all will be leveling their special brand of accusations against government medicine; using victim tactics to extort more money from the taxpayers.

  • Woody36060 on October 13th, 2009

    Thanks for all of the hard work Jude. I agree with you on most points but believe that you don’t quite go far enough on some. Let me just say that;

    “The NWO (New World Order) is the ultimate goal of those satanists who conspire to control the world and ALL else is just a smoke screen, a stepping stone or a diversionary tactic!”

    It really does all tie together at the top and is controlled by the elitist banksters who have controlled global finance for decades.
    As for the terrorism threat by the Islamofacists, I believe you will find that all ties back to the worldwide Communist movement that has controlled and perpetrated terrorism for decades as well. (Check out “Terrorism, More than meets the eye” by Art Thompson at JBS.org).
    I think Ben Franklin said it very well when he said, “Work as if you were to live 100 Years, Pray as if you were to die tomorrow.” This world and our nation are in a terrible shape. Only the intervention of the True and Living God Jehovah can straighten it out. We MUST all work AND pray however as He commanded us to “occupy” until He comes and that doesn’t mean sit around and sing cum-by-ya.

  • admin on October 13th, 2009

    You are right and quite a few articles on the site go with this direction of thinking…

    It really scares me how it all ties together and sometimes I don’t want to even read anymore…((

    Thanks for taking the time to read…

    I love that quote!!

    ~hugs, jude

  • Waskaquebec on April 19th, 2010

    Hello Jude!

    I connected you to our web 2.0 network in Quebec. A few tens of thousands readers… Do you think your keyboard will handle?

    Waska doesn’t do politics. We talk about empowering individuals and organizations (autonomy) though. A lot of your message goes that way.

    It sometimes wanders off from our mission but – cultural differences – it’s okay. Liberty allows everyone to express an opinion.

    My encouragements!

    JF xox

  • admin on April 21st, 2010

    I hope so and would Love that…I will put you on our blog roll…is that ok? You just made my month..loll…in what way do I wonder off [i think i know but would like to hear it anyway!!]
    ~hugs, jude

  • Gammy Sparkles on June 7th, 2010

    Good points, good discussion, and we do need this type of conversation going on all over!

  • Gilda on September 18th, 2010

    Its a spiritual war out there – and people will see a World Government seated in Jerusalam before too long and just think it happened spontaneously.

    World awareness is knowing that the Fed/Bankers have orchestrated the bankruptcy of the civilised world and will line up the countries in debt to the IMF, which will be the World Governments bank. In the UK now, private equity companies manage over 25% of all UK jobs, and people don’t even know who these people are!

  • steve on October 1st, 2010

    Gilda, in the uk 80% of the people be-lie-ve the press and media, do not realise fluoride is toxic, freeze with horror if you even mention 7-7 was an inside job, think bpa1 in plastic is a myth, that infertility is normal and wait on the nhs for treatment.

    Theres never a mention of what damage the pill is doing to the water and the resultant oestrogen pollution lowering sperm count.

    If anyone here wants two good websites to look at try tpuc.org or cutting through the matrix, a free 3o odd min mp3 daily digest of whats been going on, no political bias, no adverts, no agenda that i have found in about a year of listening to it.

    theres also a couple of free ebooks you could hunt out, the crooked cross, about the vatican mafia n such the second is the synagogue of satan.

    no its not anti jewish, its the history of rothchild and such.

    There was an article on b fulfords blog that says they have done a deal to build a new zion-temple in jerusalem, as to its veracity i leave that for you to decide.

    A great place for free films is http://www.esoterictube.com/

    hope this is useful.

  • Steve on November 28th, 2010

    I surely agree with all that is said about where we (USA) are headed, and our problems, etc., but I find it very sad and disturbing that so many think there is such a thing as a supernatural that is “overseeing” or “watching” or “guiding”. How deluded is that thinking! There is likely no supernatural and our solutions are ONLY in our abilities to evolve our civilization through science, culture, law, ethics, compassion, etc. to name a few. It is sad when energy and time is wasted on “praying” or “seeking God’s guidance” (and which god is the real god? ha). See my website and it’s Links for further info if you care to be enlightened. Thanks!

  • rockingjude on November 28th, 2010

    I would rather that people investigate another site that has helped me along and guided my mission….
    Knowledge IS Empowerment

    ~History Repeats~



  • Ed on December 23rd, 2010

    I find this site interesting and worth reading. While I generally try to avoid “isms” because they tend to bring out the divisiveness in people, I think Wes summed it up adequately when he referred to the general viewpoint espoused here as “libertarianism with a heart”. Where some of the other comments came from, though I don’t understand.

    First of all, I don’t know where the long treatise on Socialism and Communism came from. The mission acknowledges there is a role for the state, but thinks that tension between the state and individuals is healthy. I agree. That tension is one important way to help keep the state honest. There is no specific “ism” espoused or denigrated in the mission. How that got construed by the commenter, I don’t know.

    Then there was comment that Socialism is the step just before Communism. They are different systems entirely. I don’t need to go into the details as any good economic textbook will explain the difference. There are countries that have practiced Socialism without becoming Communist. The American economy is partially Socialist: public roads, public airports, public parks, public education, public libraries, Medicare, etc. These aren’t inherently bad things even though there are ideological differences about them. Of course, we also have Corporate Socialism—a heavily subsidized military-industrial complex (more than $1.2 trillion/year, not counting our debt-based middle east wars), subsidies (i.e. corporate welfare) in various forms to various sectors of the economy: energy, agribusiness, extractive industries, bank bailouts, etc. Corporate Socialism, I do view as a bad thing.

    To say, as someone here did, that the problem with government is that it “tries to make too many decisions for us”, is an oversimplification and a bit of a distraction. Sometimes the state does dumb things. The state is run by people and people are not perfect. However, the real problem is that the state can and, in the case of America, has become corrupted by moneyed interests that end up pushing government to act on their behalf rather than that of the people. Some people call it a Corporatocracy. Some people call it a Plutocracy. Some people call it Fascism. Call it whatever you want, but it’s why we got taxpayer funded bank bailouts. It’s why we have a food system that makes unhealthy food cheaper to buy than healthy food. It’s why Americans can’t buy their prescription drugs from Canada. It’s why Congress passed a healthcare bill that wouldn’t “offend” the insurance industry and make them run ‘Harry and Louise’ ads. It’s why the healthcare bill doesn’t actually bring costs down in a meaningful way or even take enough of a holistic look at health to acknowledge that good health requires more than just insurance.

    The modern American government doesn’t care about its people. It cares about who funds election campaigns. The two major parties that run our government care about winning elections, even if it means prostituting themselves for campaign money and distracting voters with divisive and counterproductive wedge issues and poisoning the political discourse. They stay in power by working with the corporate media to keep people divided so we don’t focus our attention where it really belongs: on the corruption and collusion that has stolen political control from the people.

    Again, the modern American government doesn’t care about its people. This is why people can’t afford health insurance. It’s why medical problems cause too many personal bankruptcies. It’s why a significant percentage of those bankruptcies due to medical problems happen to people who have insurance. It’s why there is little interest in prosecuting those who caused the financial meltdown. It’s why the US Supreme Court brought us the Citizens United decision and all of the other decisions since the 1800s that have cemented the right of corporate personhood into case law in direct contradiction to the ideals of America’s founders.

    As for my views on the state, no I definitely don’t need the state to do everything for me all of the time. People have to be responsible with their finances. People have to have a sense of responsibility to the communities they live in. But people also can’t allow personal liberty to be equated with selfishness and greed.

    Even though my household earns what we consider a decent 5-figure income and we are financially responsible, live below our means, are responsible about our health, there’s no way we can get the numbers to add up that will allow us to fully fund our own retirement (it is highly likely that I will lose my pension before I’m allowed to collect it), pay for college for our child, and cover all of our healthcare costs (without employer-sponsored or gov’t-sponsored insurance). It’s not possible. I know several people who were responsible, but had their retirement savings devastated by the financial meltdown. Besides, the endless growth paradigm that has allowed savings to grow with interest is now running head on into the laws of physics and is coming apart at the seams.

    Therefore, I see one of the roles of the state as meeting people halfway. In the case of healthcare, education, and retirement, I see that as by truly making healthcare affordable in some way and by taking a holistic approach to healthcare by addressing policies that are counterproductive to good health (like food policy, among others), making college affordable, and somehow making sure that people don’t have to absorb 100% of the financial risk when it comes to their retirement (don’t misconstrue this as me saying people have no responsibility for their retirement either—I’m not saying that at all).

    In order for the state to meet people halfway, it has to start caring about its people again. That won’t happen as long as the moneyed interests call the shots. But, “we the people” are partially to blame here because too many of us: choose infotainment and celebrity-worship over substance, let the corporate-controlled media define the discussion, equate the acquisition of stuff with happiness, blindly accept debt peonage and consumerism as a healthy way of life, equate liberty with selfishness, and think liberty comes without any responsibility. As James Howard Kunstler said earlier this year: “America has transformed itself from a nation of earnest, muscular, upright citizens to a land of overfed barbarous morons ruled by grifters.”

    We cannot look outside ourselves for the leader. Until we choose in sufficient numbers to join together and walk away from the corrupted system of infotainment, debt peonage, consumerism, and divisive politics we cannot return our nation to one of government by, of, and for the people. Get out of debt. Turn off your television. Turn off the commercial radio stations. Cancel your cable or satellite. Abandon recreational shopping. Move whatever money you can into credit unions and truly local banks. Get to know your neighbors. Cut back or eliminate overly-processed food from your diet. Learn to grow and preserve some of your own food. If you live in an apartment, then work with your neighbors to start a community garden in your neighborhood. Shop at farmers markets when you can. Organize a local currency or time bank in your community. Develop barter networks in your community. Assess the skill sets in your community that can be shared whether it’s carpentry, sewing, knowledge of herbs, gardening, food preservation, plumbing, or whatever. No, we cannot walk away from everything in the current system, but we can walk away from enough to discover that we don’t need as much as we thought, we can do more for ourselves than we thought, we have more in common with each other than we thought, and the media, politicians, and political pundits have all been playing us for suckers.

  • Alejandro Garcia on March 8th, 2011

    After a fast look on all the subjects and a few lines here and there, (very fast reading…) I have the feeling that I’d just found place in the “net” that I would like explore further on.

    I’ll be back for more info periodically…

    Thanks and keep up the good work…

  • rockingjude on March 9th, 2011

    Thank you both very kindly…
    Ed~While I agree with everything you have said in your last paragraph and do indeed practice all and more…I am very worried about how the Corporate Elitist are running our country and even more alarmed at how few people realize how much has been taken from us…It has become common practice to bilk the public of billions of dollars while holding no-one accountable and yet we as hard working tax payers will have to repay somehow while also subsidizing millions with unemployment checks because the government pays more than any most jobs do!!!

    It’a a conundrum which all goes back to management versus Labor and management *Needs* cheep labor…thus the first out – sourcing…

    Our government has increasingly become not OF nor FOR the people but rather for the corporate elitist, the bankers and the government puppets. Until we can find some way to turn this around, I am afraid in the very near future all those who are not survivalist will have a very rude awakening…Gas could hit 5-7 dollars this summer and food costs are not only escalating but also there will be a shortage…

    My best advice right now is to not put away any money in the market but rather use it to pay off mortgages, make improvements, stock up on food goods/supplies, guns and ammo [for hunting and protection], keep if you can close to 20,000 in cash on hand, and if possible have some physical gold and silver…Always keep your vehicles topped off with gas and in good repair. Sell everything you don’t need unless you want to keep it for trading purposes and don’t spread the word that you are *hoarding* supplies ( I do advise we try to inform as many people as we can on how desperate our situation has gotten…

    I couldn’t have said it better than your statement with a few small exceptions~
    ~hugs jude

  • rockingjude on May 5th, 2011

    All truth passes through 3 stages:
    First, it is ridiculed.
    Second, it is violently opposed.
    Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
    – Arthur Schopenhauer


  • Abbey on December 18th, 2011

    I was going to give this site a chance until I found Lord Monckton’s awful nonsense published here. There is hardly a bigger hack alive today and considering how this website promotes his ignorant junk, I must conclude that this is basically a hack website.

  • Chefcito on December 27th, 2011

    this is good stuff…things i think but don’t communicate so well. thanks

  • ss spadoffice on March 19th, 2012

    I saw links of my previous post traced to this website and I thought I browse through. Good show so far, however, again as anywhere else, the fighting spirit of ‘the few good wo/men’ is no longer with us, as we are all reduced to what manuel something the author of the original ‘urban guerrillas’, from Brazil wrote, in reference to what we have been reduced to, incubators-dependencies (and the virtual world is perfect for us).

    Where is the spirit of ‘International Spanish Brigades’, or any other past anti-tyrannism,, bullying, imperialism and others of shared-principles? No where, not even here alas……..HENCE ALWAYS DISAPPOINTED, WITH HOT AIR!

    Good Luck.

  • rockingjude on March 19th, 2012

    Ahhhhh~ I save my fighting spirit for twitter where it can be read often when I go on a rant ;)… [ @rockingjude ]

    This site pulls info from everywhere and puts it here in a way that one may discover how the world is being run, how history repeats its’ self and why, and how the global elitist have though out history been running the show with their own agenda…Not all posts here reflect my view, rather they show other sides of the agenda …Lately I have been pulling posts and my comments from the start of this blog in 2009 to show that what was written then, has now come to pass…

    The problem with being slightly ahead of general thinking is that one is sometimes construed as being either a conspiracy theorist, tinfoil hat, or just plain out of step…

    To those who are on my same page congratulations and help to spread the word …

    As my bio states on twitter:
    One Person CAN make a difference!! Geoeconomics and advocate for less government no FED We are no longer America. Member DAR[Daughters of American Revolution]

    I spend an incredible amount of time researching and while researching I also like to read comments as they help to show me where general thinking is…however, I am still [even after 6 years of being a board monitor for 50-100 boards on MSNBC] amazed at how negative and nasty people can get commenting…

    It was a pet peeve of ours that once behind a computer screen [which lends itself to being Anonymous or invisible ] people seem to think that rudeness is not only OK but encouraged…. ~sighhh… I wish that everyone who wrote a comment would write it like they were face to face with the person…and then if proven that the comments would still be the same, it makes my point on the breakdown in society on a general level throughout the world…

    Love and light~jude

  • Al Holtje on March 23rd, 2012

    Money has no motherland: financiers are
    without patriotism and without decency;
    their sole object is gain.”
    … Napoleon Bonaparte

    Bursting The Bubbles
    By Al Holtje


    When you start talking QUADRILLIONS, something must be wrong. Something has to give. Divide that number by every person on the planet and it equals $206,000. Make the distribution around the world and what would follow? A loaf of bread might cost $3 million. The dollar would be worthless.

    Where’s the outrage?

    We are, at a crossroads, either we come to terms with reality or face the consequences. The numbers don’t lie. We look, we read, we shrug, we point fingers and life goes on. That will end and soon because the most egregious example of what we have become is government allowing “financiers” as Napoleon put it to undermine our freedom.

    Let’s review: The financially engineered derivative bubble now stands at about $1,405,000,000,000 vs. only about $15 trillion in our banking system. Too big to fail bankers have exploited our monetary system for their own personal gain without oversight from the federal government. In the United States … corruption rules pure and simple. The situation now is so serious that once the bubble pops, government will take control and … there go our rights and our freedoms guaranteed by Our Constitution as they will become redefined in what bureaucrats will cite as “in the best interest of the country.”

    The bubble bursting process is taking place now in the form of deleveraging forcing a move of these contracts to higher ground by using the Federal Reserve’s influence to guarantee against failure which could happen on an unprecedented scale. Bank America for example, has on its books $75 trillion in contracts, J.P. Morgan, Chase has $79 trillion. Combined, the $159 trillion is ten times the total money in the nation’s banks and incidentally, both banks passed the U.S. Treasury’s stress test. How could that happen? Ben Bernanke, one of the worst guardians of the nation’s money in the history of the Federal Reserve, gave an ok to Bank of America to transfer their $75 trillion in open contracts from their brokerage subsidiary (Merrill Lynch) to the bank thereby making them eligible for FDIC protection. The transfer was clearly illegal and the FDIC objected but, to no avail.

    Within the $1.4 quadrillion bubble there are roughly 8 more bubbles. It’s also important to note that the notional values of these financial weapons of mass destruction are almost always carried on the books at book value or the market value at the time the deal was made. They are rarely, if ever, “marked to the market” as they should be by certified public accountants thereby forcing the parties of the contract to put up more money when & if the contract losses market value. For example, consider the eight categories below, in almost every case, you could make the argument market values have decreased substantially (e.g.: mortgage backed securities, emerging market loans, commercial and residential property) just to name a few.

    1. Mortgage backed assets
    2. Emerging market loans
    3. Commodities
    4. Corporate bonds
    5. Commercial and residential property
    6. Credit cards outstanding debt
    7. Foreign exchange currencies
    8. Credit default swaps (insurance on derivatives)

    An interesting side bar came out of Goldman Sachs this week. Former Vice President and Managing Director Greg Smith one of 12,000 Vice President’s at Goldman Sachs resigned saying CEO Lloyd Blankfein and President Gary Cohn lost control of the firm’s culture on their watch accusing both for the decline in the firm’s moral fiber. Mr. Smith said: “No one at the firm talks about helping clients anymore, just how we can make the most possible money off them.” He further said that Managing Directors set the tone and refer to their own customers as “muppets.” What struck me most was 12,000 Vice President’s??; to put it another way … Goldman Sachs is one of the largest and most sophisticated boiler room operations in the world. They give you a title, an office, a secretary, business cards and an expense account; now go out and make the firm some “big” money.

    Finally, the bubbles continue to grow and, too big to fail has come to mean that because it’s all legal and with no one in authority speaking out, profits will continue to be privatized and the losses socialized. How on earth can you socialize potential losses of this magnitude? This great unwinding will happen sooner than later so, there’s still time to avoid the consequences of a global meltdown of the monetary system but and it’s a big but, no one is stepping forward with a “STOP” sign and, no one will until the geometric proportion reaches infinity or the people’s revolution forces change.

    Must we go back in time to “The Bastille?” Don’t rule it out

    Al Holtje

  • rockingjude on March 23rd, 2012

    I printed that btw…


  • TJ on June 20th, 2012

    I’m French and the words “liberty, equality, fraternity” constitute the motto of my country. We’ve had it since 1789 and we’ve never had any so-called Communist authoritarian regime. I agree with you when you say Socialism is completely different, especially in the way it has been re-defined to fit human progress.
    I don’t think we need a fixed type of regime (i.e. Socialism), rather what we need is more humanity. Let’s learn how to be humans again, have compassion and love instead of focusing on materialistic stuff. Solidarity and fraternity are in human nature, the Capitalist system made us forget about the fact that we are all part of the whole, that we are all one, made us lose our humanity. Wanting people to stop being so individualistic isn’t a sign of being a Commie or a Socialist, it means that you realize one cannot be happy in an ocean of unhappiness. A big thank you to the person who writes this blog, more and more people realize what is really important – and that’s not the state of your finances. Keep going, the world is changing, and it will change for the better =)

  • rockingjude on June 20th, 2012

    I am quoting someone I know who said…What we need is a more HEART based world rather than $$$ based…I try and demonstrate this when tweeting…to the point I ignore directing people to my website…
    however I ask that you read my last series about our founding fathers…
    History is everything…thus Knowledge IS Empowerment…

    We’ve never really had TRUE capitalism…have you read any of Ayn Rand’s books?
    This is my blog…I gather news from around the world and the internet to demonstrate and lead people to the truth behind our society…I thank you very much for reading…you can find me on twitter as
    https://twitter.com/rockingjude @rockingjude
    and Facebook as Rockingjude PWA

    I am having some difficulties with my site ;) it seems to be a daily struggle ergo have patience with the formatting I am working on it…

    Love and Light~jude

  • Howard Ratcliffe on August 8th, 2012

    Hi rockingjude, I’m the author of http://www.Theresnothingnew.org/ and ran across one of your articles copied from mine; thanks for spreading the word! Anything I can do to help let me know.

  • Al Holtje on November 19th, 2013

    The Gordian Knot

    The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet now stands at over $3 billion by far the greatest as a percentage of GDP in the history of our country. That compares to about $880 billion in 2008 before the credit crisis. Since then, the Federal Reserve has been buying almost every mortgage backed security the industry is issuing as well as others being sold by third parties. Not only that, the Fed has jettisoned virtually all of its highly liquid easy to sell short term treasuries and is now buying with money it prints, about 20% of the long term treasuries on the market to keep a lid on long term interest rates. The point is, the Fed now owns and continues to manipulate a significant portion of these critical markets.

    The bond market is especially vulnerable at this time in our history, in that there is very little room for increased capacity unless of course you “rig” the market to keep interest rates down. For example, when the bond market declines, bond yields and mortgage interest rates increase. Without question, the U.S. Federal Reserve despite what Ben Bernanke may say publically, is no longer in the business of controlling inflation and moderating economic excesses, it’s in the business of creating them. You see, for the Fed to create a speculative bubble is relatively easy especially in the bond markets. All it has to do is ease money aggressively and pump liquidity into the economy consistently. Then, speculators rush out of safety and into risk, fueling the bubble and their bottom lines as well.

    The Federal Reserve is in the market place as the buyer of last resort in order to keep interest rates artificially low. The result of this artificial stimulus is that the money the Fed is printing is going into asset purchases, which is why the stock market is now trading at an all time high.

    What we have here is indeed, something of a “Gordian Knot*.”

    *An intractable situation that’s virtually impossible to get out of

    The Federal Reserve is painting itself into that kind of trap to the point that untangling this Gordian knot won’t be easy. In fact, it could prove to be an epic disaster. Even the mere mention of possible future tapering of QE could lead to real market chaos. Complicating the situation is a debt monster that continues to grow at a rapid pace and any attempt by the government to hold interest rates down is bound to backfire.

    Yes, our government is aware of the consequences of not protecting the integrity of our currency; overlooking the much-bigger, longer-lived issue that our country finds much too painful to confront: America’s unsustainable lust for debt. Power, greed and money rule. That is until such time when the price of this foolishness must be paid. It will be that moment in time when the Fed itself will become a victim by being tied inside a Gordian knot with no way out as interest rates explode, proving once again that only time and patience can un-tie the knot and deliver us from the papier-mâché world in which we live.

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