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An Overview of Deep Capture [WE ARE THE RED PILL]…#VIP ~jude

Posted on 2012 05, 12 by rockingjude
Schematic representation of naked short sellin...

Schematic representation of naked short selling in the two steps. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Deep Capture Posted on 24 January 2008

An Overview of Deep Capture

My argument has been widely misreported since I began making it in 2005. Therefore I am stating it here as nine straightforward claims that will be difficult to misunderstand or misconstrue. I have grouped them into those describing the setting, the crime, and the cover-up.

Chapters 1-3: The Setting

Chapter 1 – The Players

Over the last twenty years Wall Street has come to be dominated by a group of players who first pushed the laws to their limits, then openly flouted them until they became blurred beyond the possibility of enforcement.

Chapter 2 – The Journalists Tried to Be Players But Became Pawns

Over the last fifteen years the standards of professional journalism have been eroded by a group of reporters who have tried to appear as players, but have become pawns. A significant fraction of the financial journalists on the hedge fund beat have become shills of a handful of hedge funds.

Chapter 3 – Our Captured Federal Regulator The SEC

The Securities & Exchange Commission, regulator of our nation’s capital markets, has been captured by financial elites to the point that it favors Wall Street over Main Street.

John Stossel’s Illegal Everything…

Posted on 2012 03, 17 by rockingjude

This Stossel special will blow your mind! The government, especially the EPA is out of control as well as local prosecutors trying to make a name for themselves.

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The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies…

Posted on 2012 02, 17 by rockingjude

Welcome to our annual guide to the businesses that matter most, the ones whose innovations are having an impact across their industries and our culture. Click a company name to view the entry, or determine your own ranking of the top four companies using a series of quizzes, games, and brainteasers.

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Movie-goers Can now order popcorn from their seats…The age of plastic…

Posted on 2012 01, 25 by rockingjude

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Financial services firms and credit card processors will be obliged to report incidents of lost or stolen data within 24 hours of a breach, according to new EU rules set to be introduced Wednesday.
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A consortium of exchanges and technology suppliers have developed a set of common standards designed to restore post-trade transparency in the European equity markets.
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Commerzbank has embarked on a project with consultancy Capco to develop an ‘IT complexity model’ that can be used by CIOs to measure and then master their organisation’s technology.
Full story:

MasterCard has teamed up with Commonwealth Bank and cinema group Hoyts to pilot a mobile payments application that lets movie-goers order food and drinks directly from their seats.
Full story:

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Indians signing life away for biometric ID cards (22Dec11)…

Posted on 2012 01, 13 by rockingjude

The people of India are signing their own death warrants as they agree to sign up to their governments ID card system, claiming it will help cut fraud for benefit payments. The real reason is to help the New World Order with population control and access to money, so the 1% can steal it al. For a supposed poor country which the UK shovs billions to, India has lots of other people’s money to waste.

It’s worth remembering that this is the EXACT same system that the crooked New Labour government tried to force on the British people, to comply with New Labour’s NWO agenda.

Recorded from Sky News, 22 December 2011.

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Ann Barnhardt & Warren Pollock Have an Open Conversation…*Bank Holiday*

Posted on 2012 01, 06 by rockingjude

Ann Barnhardt and I (Warren Pollock) have an open conversation organized to provide background to this crisis, the setting of legal precedent, netting, settlement, and future trends including a potential bank holiday. We talk about MF Global as it applies to savings and commercial banking, brokerage, insurance, and commodities. We talk about numeric impossibility of solving the problem, incest between government and finance, having the victim of the crisis pay rather than the fraudster. We explain how the MF Global bankruptcy process will define how customer funds will be treated in a bank holiday. We talk about the idea of having an honest bank holiday to root out fraud vs an economic crisis which plays to looting and criminal activity of vested interest.

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Breaking & Going Viral–The Crash Is Coming: I Told You So!…

Posted on 2011 11, 07 by rockingjude–The_Crash_Is_Coming:_I_Told_You_So.html


Italy, France, and Portugal will go belly up soon.  This tragedy will collapse the European Union economy.  Riots will go worldwide–if we aren’t there already.  Now, this is what will happen in the United States during 2012:

  • The unemployment percentage will start rising again and approach 15%.
  • The national debt will breeze by $15 trillion and will approach $20 trillion.
  • Chrysler Corporation will go belly up.
  • Bank of America (BoA) will go belly up because it is run by a bunch of incompetent crooks.  They cheated us over 40 years ago, and I’ve never forgotten that.  I have a very long memory.  So, take your money out of BoA and put it in smaller, local banks and savings and loans.  That will help small businesses increase job creation.
  • The Stock Market will crash.  Get out of the Stock Market, now!  Buy precious metals (gold, silver, etc.).
  • The economy will collapse because of Obama’s ridiculous, idiotic fiscal policies.  A presidential challenge will be made to Obama soon by a patriotic, moderate Democrat.  Obama will be railed out of town.
  • The Fed will continue to counterfeit (print) funny money not backed by gold, which will start hyperinflation.
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will go under due to incompetent, criminal management.
  • The housing market will get even worse than it currently is.
  • Don’t make any large purchases and obtain any long-term repayment loans.  Live by cash and carry.
  • The U.S. dollar will sink to become worthless.
  • A double-dip recession will commence followed by a full-blown recession worse than The Great Depression.
  • Major rioting, vandalism, and killings will occur in all major cities across America.  Obama will declare martial law.
  • A world war will commence.
  • The Congressional Super-committee is a bunch of worthless, gutless lawbreakers.  They WILL NOT do what is necessary to solve the United States’ fiscal problems.  Mark my words.  They are all driven by politics, not for the good of the country and “We the People.”  Idiots!

What can you do about all of this:

Gerald Celente – The banks are ripping off everybody and not one head rolls…

Posted on 2011 10, 26 by rockingjude

Gerald Celente - The Regular Guys – 24 Oct 2011 : there is no saving the system not as long as they continue the policies that they do …the whole system is corrupt from top to bottom , Gaddafi was hot o Condoleza Rice , what it all boils down to regarding the protests is just a lot of angry people as the system is rigged , the big guys can get away with everything that’s what makes people angry explains Gerald Celente , these banks are ripping off everybody not one head rolls.

Kerry Lutz Exclusive Interview with Darryl R. Schoon 10-5-11 

Kerry Lutz Exclusive Interview with Darryl R. Clean 10/05/11

Italy Bank Update As Dow Jones Wipes Out Entire Post-FOMC Surge…

Posted on 2011 08, 10 by rockingjude

Below is a a chart of Italian bank equity performance. Countrywide bank run next?

Whether the reason for the sell off is due to a typoed GOFO 12M SocGen print or there is a fundamental reason, remains to be seen, but US equities are not taking the risk. US stocks have wiped out all of yesterday’s last minute gains.


Panic In Italy: FTSE MIB Down 6.2%, Biggest Drop Since May 2010

Remember when we said yesteday that the FTSE MIB won’t have a good day today? It isn’t…

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Must Read: UBS’ Andy Lees On Why The US Economy Is Doomed If Nothing Changes…

Posted on 2011 08, 09 by rockingjude

Submitted by Tyler Durden

“With all the mess going on at the moment, I thought it was worth while stepping back a little and trying to look at the bigger picture.” So begins Andy Lees’ latest must read letter to clients whch explains succinctly virtually the entire story of where we were, how we got to where are now, how the current trajectory is unsustainable, why due to decades of capital misallocation anything that the Fed does now is essentially irrelevant, why our untenable debt pile does nothing but perpetuate an unsustainable ponzi scheme which will result in an unseen explosion in the true cost of capital: gold, and why the bond market will eventually, and inevitably, force an epic repricing in the cost of non-gold capital absent the arrival of the deux ex machina of real, actionable innovation that the Fed, and all global central planners, keep hoping for. Because the longer we keep plugging away with that worthless substitute, financial innovation, which is anything but, the greater the final collapse. Andy’s conclusion:Until the debt is cleared and capital starts to be properly allocated, economic growth per unit of additional debt will continue to sour. Until we get some real breakthrough technology, requiring large amounts of capital to both innovate and then roll out, we have no chance of supporting the economy.” Too bad than that this absolutely spot on observation reflect precisely the opposite of what the Fed is pursuing.

Why are we here: simple – years of central planning resulting in the greatest experiment in capital misallocation in history.

We are in this mess because of excessive leverage and excessive consumption, financed by excessively cheap real capital – (not just Bernanke & Greenspan but further back to the end of the gold standard, and in fact even before that as it was this misallocation of capital that forced us off the gold standard in the first place). If capital had been allocated productively, then by definition debt would fall as a percentage of GDP. Total debt may rise, but efficient allocation of capital would always mean the economy would grow faster than the debt as it means you are making a positive rather than negative real return on that capital.

Whichever way you look at it, capital has been massively misallocated for years.

Corporate profits… or massive debt-funded ponzi scheme?

How can that be when corporates report massive profits? The profits are based on paying their workers a salary that meant they could only buy the goods they made by borrowing; in other words, a massive unsustainable ponzi scheme that could only ever end up with default.  Without the household debt accumulation, there would be no market to sell their products to, and without paying the workers sufficient, the debt would always have to default. 

This required a massive increase in financial innovation to keep the illusion of corporate profitability alive – (household debt was a way of delaying putting the true costs through the corporate P&L account and recognising the costs). Financial sector innovation is itself another form of capital misallocation, taxing people away from real innovation – (to keep the illusion alive, an ever greater percentage of economic output had to be allocated to this illusion machine) – helping add to the resource constraint we are in today.

If financial innovation, which we have so much of is not needed, what is the right kind? And why is it so sorely missing.

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