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Demons are their Angels…

Posted on 2012 07, 14 by rockingjude

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For my new subscribers… Re-Release of a vid I did back in Feb,2009… Lotta this stuff came to pass… Big wave messed up Fukushima..

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It ain’t over…well most of us knew that, but a *must* see on how bad the Gulf is…

Posted on 2010 10, 25 by rockingjude

Thank you~rj

Typical of any disaster where there is a lingering human toll, like katrina or haiti, the media coverage is spectacular for a few weeks, and then america gets bored with people suffering, so your attention is diverted to the latest idiocy of some celeb or sports figure; or more recently, the mindless babblings of mindless politicians…and we’re guilty to an extent too, because although our coverage of the gulf oil spill here & on affiliates was daily when it was page one news, for the most part we havent mentioned it since the well was sealed…however, thanx to → Washington’s Blog, we can offer you a few gulf coast headlines of the ongoing stories from the last 3 days of last week:

Toxicologist now dealing with at least three autopsies in Gulf — “People who’s esophaguses are dissolving”

Healthy teenager, 16, hospitalized after swimming in Gulf on AUGUST 30 — “Compromised lung” & “enlarged heart”

CDC backtracks on its flu stance… about time…HMPHHHH!!

Posted on 2010 09, 29 by rockingjude
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - OCTOBER 27:  A hospital n...
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Listen very closely, and you can practically hear the backpedaling: The CDC now admits it’s been badly wrong about flu deaths.

Those vaccine-pushing hucksters have made the wild claim year after year that flu kills 36,000 Americans annually — and they’ve even attacked anyone who’s dared to question their numbers.

But now, they’ve come clean. Not fully clean, mind you, but sort of cleanish. The agency now says flu kills as few as 3,500 Americans in some years, with an average of 23,000 per year overall.

In other words, that 36,000-fatality fantasy they’ve been selling was a wild and dramatic overestimate pulled from their own hindquarters. And the new lower numbers STILL don’t come close to the truth — because any time someone sniffles on their way to the grave, the CDC quickly labels it a “flu death.”

And that’s only when they bother tracking it at all — last year, during the height of the swine flu frenzy, the CDC actually told state health authorities to stop counting while the agency just made up any number it pleased.

Study Links Chronic Fatigue to Virus Class …

Posted on 2010 08, 23 by rockingjude
Influenza A virus
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Considering how many people are effected by this condition, I thought it important to bring this out…~jude


When the journal Science published an attention-grabbing study last fall linking chronic fatigue syndrome to a recently discovered retrovirus, many experts remained skeptical — especially after four other studies found no such association.

Now a second research team has reported a link between the fatigue syndrome and the same class of virus, a category known as MRV-related viruses. In a paper published

Monday by The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists found gene sequences from several MRV-related viruses in blood cells from 32 out of 37 chronic-fatigue patients but only 3 of 44 healthy ones.

The researchers did not find XMRV, the specific retrovirus identified in patients last fall. But by confirming the presence of a cluster of genetically similar viruses, the new study represents a significant advance, experts and advocates say.

“I think it settles the issue of whether the initial report was real or not,” said K. Kimberly McCleary, president of the CFIDS Association of America, the leading organization for people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Can we stop the Indian superbug? New Superbug Immune to Antibiotics…

Posted on 2010 08, 12 by rockingjude

arta feira
British hospitals are grappling with a new bacterium that have become resistant to the most powerful antibiotics
According to experts questioned by BBC, the “superbug” has traveled to the United Kingdom by cidaãos who have visited countries such as India or Pakistan for plastic surgery.

So far 50 cases have been identified, but scientists fear that bacteria from spreading to other countries.

Resistant to the strongest antibiotics, the bacteria can be transmitted from person to person and become almost impossible to treat, since in at least one of the cases the organism was found to be resistant to all known antibiotics.

The bacterium in question produces an enzyme called NDM-1, which can exist within different bacteria.

By Hugh Pennington

Carbapenems are very useful antibiotics. Distantly related to penicillin, they can be used to treat a much broader range of bacteria, many of which are difficult to attack because they are naturally resistant to most other antibiotics.

OLS – Gassed In The Gulf – Possible Evacuations? – 2010

Posted on 2010 06, 30 by rockingjude

Let the truth be told! We have a crisis on our hands and we need to let everybody know what is really going on in the Gulf. It is a slow process, with the sickness starting among us, “Gulf Oil Syndrome”. I was told by a credible source, that the government is buying up motel and hotel rooms in small communities in Tennessee and Arkansas and renting them indefinitely. The time is now to prepare…It’s all up to you… OLS

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fool me once shame on you… fool me twice shame on me… fool me eight times (40 years)…

Posted on 2010 06, 17 by rockingjude
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Health Care Bill 159 New Boards and Commissions Created

Posted on 2010 04, 12 by rockingjude
Health Care Rally for a Public Option in front...
Image by leoncillo sabino via Flickr

( Source – or view PDF document Here )

President Obama signed a government takeover of health care into law. Here is a list of new boards, bureaucracies, and programs created in the Obama health care bill. Bureaucracy Grows.

1.       Grant program for consumer assistance offices (Section 1002, p. 37)
2.       Grant program for states to monitor premium increases (Section 1003, p. 42)
3.       Committee to review administrative simplification standards (Section 1104, p. 71)

Obama’s Private Army – It’s Not What You Think

Posted on 2010 03, 31 by rockingjude

All Things Must Pass

Posted on 2010 03, 22 by rockingjude

By HammerTongs

Cover of "All Things Must Pass [DIGI-PAK ...

All things must pass

All things must pass away

- George Harrison

George was right. However the devil is in the details. For instance you can pass the slow car in front of you or a kidney stone. One can be fun the other no fun. Both can, under certain circumstances, be deadly

The situation we are in now is a kidney stone.

So what happens now? The majority of people, 70% the polls say, said no. They called and wrote and answered polls and protested and were ignored. A sixth or so of our economy has started down the road of complete Government control. Looking at it from a historical context I believe we are living in a dangerous moment in our history. The political process on Health Care has gone a long way to destroy the faith of the people in their leaders. For the first time, a great many people got to see on their TV screens a corrupt political process and were horrified to realize that it wasn’t taking place in some third world country but right here. No principles, no moral convictions no amount of protest or constituent will could withstand the acquisition of power so desired by those who pretend to represent us.

The question was “So what happens now?” There can only be one answer…… we must stand up as free men and women and act. Deny them money, support, respect, the things they steal from and deny us, and most of all their office. Churches, Unions and businesses that support these people must be included in our disdain and be made to understand who are the actual power brokers in society. Faith is not based on a building or the men who stand at the pulpit and unions were not started to destroy the businesses their members work for nor to hurt society in general so their members can have a few perks.

The people who think they rule us are now making it clear that they believe people will forget by November. Then Obama Care 2 will begin. Obama himself always said during the campaign that he would make single payer a reality by the end of his first term. I’m hoping we can end his Congressional power stranglehold in November and make the end of his Presidency a reality in 2012.

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